About Us

  1. Sheria Online is a  Digital platform that seeks to bridge the access to Justice gap in Kenya.
  2. We provide a pool of curated Knowledge for guidance in matters related to Kenyan law.
  3. We have a  vast  legal Network of Advocates of the High Court of Kenya, Process Servers , Certified Mediators and Certified Arbitrators.

Our Vision

To bridge the access to justice and legal information gap in Kenya.

Our Mission

To promote access to justice and legal information for all Kenyans.

Our Core Values

Our Achievements

1. Start Up Network Member - Amazon Web Services (AWS) Activate Founders Program

About Us

AWS Activate Founders is a startup program designed to help build and grow startups.  With the AWS Activate program, startups get access to the resources they need to quickly get started on AWS––including credits, training and support. Whether you’re beginning your journey or scaling your startup, Activate helps you go further.

2. Start Up Network Member - Microsoft for Startups

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub helps remove traditional barriers to building a company with free access to the technology, coaching, and support you need to hit your next milestone. The program provides Founders with access to a strong and diverse network that is critical to a startup success.

3. Finalist HiiL 2021 African Justice Innovation Symposium

The HiiL 2021 African Justice Innovation Symposium is a 4 day conference that brings together innovators, partners and funders across the African continent (East, West, North and South) who are interested in or working to prevent or resolve pressing justice problems. These stakeholders engage in conversations around some of the challenges faced by justice innovators in trying to deliver user friendly solutions that are people centered to communities across the continent.

4. Runners Up for the Best Tech Solutionat the Africa Legal Innovation Hackathon 2021

The Africa Legal Hackathon organized by the Africa Law Tech and Lawyers Hub convenes various legal industry stakeholders to collaborate with co-workers, clients, law firms, technology companies, and academics to undertake rapid ideation and development of technological-based legal solutions focused on developing access to justice solutions that interrogate how we can leverage community networks to improve judicial processes in courts to ensure efficient delivery of justice for all

5. Startup Network Member

Startany is a marketplace that aims to bring entrepreneurs well versed in the new economy, who want to establish their own internet company with companies, mentors, investors and professionals. Those who have not yet established their own companies, who are about to start their own companies and those who already have started their own internet company / enterprise and are in need of capital, management, marketing and other support may apply to Startany. Currently, there are 3000 startups listed, shortlisted from 1000s of applicants from 150+ countries. This is an acceleration program which works remotely.

6. Startup Network Member - Finnovating

Finnovating is a SaaS Enabled Marketplace Platform that connects over 50,000 FinTechs worldwide to corporations that need their innovation, with investors who seek to detect the best investment opportunities without intermediaries and with all those companies that want collaborate with different products and services by helping the FinTech sector to grow, scale and succeed. This FinTech Open Innovation Platform is essentially a Matching as a Service platform, the place where you can scale your business connecting and co-creating with the best innovation.

7. Network Member - VC4A

VC4A links transformational entrepreneurs to growth opportunities. Each connection, measured as a transaction, represents an entrepreneur connecting to the knowledge, network, and capital they need to succeed. VC4A supports the making of these connections through the core activity of building, improving and maintaining the website, a critical piece of infrastructure for supporting entrepreneurs building high growth high impact ventures. VC4A connects startup entrepreneurs with the knowledge, support programs, mentors, and investors needed for success. VC4A is backed by industry-leading organizations to provide you with a wide range of valuable startup opportunities.

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